Digital Lives of African Americans

Explores the educational impact of technology and digital media on African American families in non-school environments such as home and community by administering a national survey and conducting focus groups.


This grassroots coalition (formerly known as Diversity in Apps) consists of media creators, producers, researchers, educators, and parents. We support the creation of diverse and inclusive children's media through research, best practices, and collaboration. We are committed to putting all kids on the digital media map.


This project introduces STEM concepts to elementary school students through a variety of activities that focus on: digital media, robotics, STEM career pathways, and parental involvement. Read more...

STEM For All

A diverse group of scholars, researchers, practitioners, funding organizations, and policy analysts examine existing research and current practices related to broadening participation in STEM disciplines and careers in an effort to develop an innovative effective plan of action.

Game Design @ Mason Afterschool Academy

The program uses a multi-disciplinary approach to provide traditionally underserved students with first-hand experience using innovative technology (i.e., video games and digital media), with the goal of increasing their motivation, interest, and exposure to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) content and careers.


This provides a list innovative and diverse educational products.

Defense Acquisition University (LATIST)

The Goal of this project is to identify advanced learning technologies and delivery tools that can be used to create new effective and efficient learning and performance products to be offered by DAU to the Acquisition Workforce.

Game Design Through Mentoring and Collaboration

The primary goal of this project is to increase motivation, achievement, and exposure to STEM content of students from urban public schools where the vast majority of students are Black and Hispanic by having them work with scientists and experts to design and build educational games.