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Independent Black Children's Books Facebook Group

This is a place where African American Children's Book Authors and Illustrators can come together to talk, network and share. A place where readers can find books and illustrations with African American characters.

Sasha Savvy Loves to Code

Sasha Savvy Loves to Code is an early reader chapter book (ages 7-10). The main character, Sasha Savvy, is a super smart 10-year old African-American girl, who lives in Washington, DC. Sasha must choose which class to take for summer camp. Her mom discovers that the camp is offering a new class for girls on how to code.

Girls Who Code Books

Girls Who Code has teamed up with Penguin to release 13 books for girls about computer science and coding. You can also expect to see a coding-themed journal, activity book, board books, and more!

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls is a children's book packed with 100 bedtime stories about the life of 100 extraordinary women from the past and the present, illustrated by 60 female artists from all over the world.

Podcasts in Color

The largest director of podcasts of color.

The Invention of E.J. Whitaker

The Invention of E.J. Whitaker is a a 24-page comic book tale mixing elements of Adventure, Romance, Historical Fiction and Steampunk to tell the story of one heroine's epic journey through the cultural and gender land mines of the early 20th century to become a bonafide inventor.

Learning with GoGo

Learning with GoGo provides an engaging learning program that's enjoyable for both children and adults, alike. Using the soulful sounds of D.C.'s beloved go-go music, we make your core academic subjects--literacy, math, science, health, arts and social studies--sing!


CulturePlay is a TECHSPACE for kids, tweens, and teens that provides opportunities for youth to engage with 21st century technology with the goal of moving them from consuming technology to producing technology.


In HangArt’s purposeful play environment, children practice sight vocabulary words through Hangman gameplay by connecting each word to an illustration. These illustrations can help children remember their sight words while acting as models for young children to inspire them to make their own art. Culturally diverse visuals and variety in activities make this app accessible and relevant for a wide audience.

Little Flower

Little Flower® is an innovative storytelling initiative that uses art and artist media as a stimulus to promote literacy using African American and multicultural literature. Using books, study guides, reader response journals, stage plays, curriculum development guides, music, dolls, mobile games, as well as the popular Minecraft platform, Little Flower® content is designed to inspire creativity and build self-esteem in youth while pushing forward the idea of integration and inter-connectivity of all things aural, sensory, tactile, and visual.

Queens of Africa

The Queens of Africa program is dedicated, through the use of books, dolls, comics, music and animation series, to help empower children of African descent and their counterparts to be confident and matured ethically. The dolls and materials are designed, through fun and engaging materials, to subconsciously promote African heritage.

Kiro'o Games

Kiro'o Games is a Cameroonian privately held video game, animation, development and publishing company based founded in 2003 by Madiba Olivier.

Genii Games

Genii Games is a collection of interactive mobile apps and web videos for kids to learn about African Culture through games, animation, languages, folktales, and digital storytelling.

Science Underground

Science Underground is a two-minute podcast hosted by TED speaker and scientist Ainissa Ramirez. By the time you sip your coffee or eat your cereal, Science Underground explains a science topic in a fun and understandable way. The show explores a range of topics—some that are pulled right from the headlines, others are topics you’ve been wanting to know.

Crazy Aunt Lindsey's Fab Lab

This site is all about connecting the dots between the magic of everyday life to the scientific process. The videos, projects, and resources you find here brings science to life through beautiful, useful DIY projects.

Tech with Kids

Tech with Kids publishes expert reviews and best picks recommendation lists of children's apps, video games, websites, and tech toys. Their mission is to help parents, grandparents, and teachers find the best tech to use with their kids.


The Five-O app empowers citizens to rate, review and store the details of their interactions with local law enforcement officers. The system then aggregates all scores for a particular county or police officer and assigns by county and officer a dynamic grade for courtesy and professionalism.


RainbowMe’s mission is to educate and entertain kids ages 2-12 on social, economic, cultural and ethnic nuances by brokering an exchange of cultures, ideas, and themes that allow them to build a higher EQ (Ethnic Quotient).

Dentist Bird

Based on the Liberian folktale “How Plover Bird Came to Clean Crocodile’s Teeth,” this game-rich picture book app allows kids to explore the rich sights and sounds of a Liberian rainforest while letting them collect awards as they help a brave bird make a special medicine for a sick crocodile.

Fam Bam: Got To Have Music

Hip hop, jazz, R&B, spirituals, opera! Fam Bam tells an endearing and toe-tapping story about the divergent musical interests of all the members of one particular family and how they work out their different tastes to sing together in one harmony.

Multicultural Book Day

Raising awareness for children's books that celebrate diversity.

We Need Diverse Books

We Need Diverse Books is a grassroots organization created to address the lack of diverse, non-majority narratives in children’s literature.

Sule the Proverb Detective

An animated television series where a ten-year old African detective named Sule helps other kids solve the meaning of proverbs.

Reading Rainbow

The re-imagined Reading Rainbow experience, featuring an unlimited library of acclaimed children's books and video field trips.

Mosa Mack: Science Detective

A web-based series of short, animated science mysteries designed to inspire 4th - 8th graders.

Graphite by Common Sense Media

Graphite is a free service from Common Sense Media. Find the best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula rated for learning.

Journals of Mama Mae and Lee Lee

Underscored by original music from Alicia Keys and inspired by her relationship with her Nana, this immersive storytelling app encourages exploration through music, journaling, rewards and more.

Future Dude

Realistic science-fiction games, TV, and comics.


TOPS an educational game based on a commonly played street game named Skelly. TOPS has players move a bottle top around a series of squares containing numbers.

Guidebook to African American History in the National Parks

A concise guidebook provides an enlightening glimpse into how African American history is preserved and interpreted in America's national parks. Woven together, the diverse park sites provide a tapestry into the legacy of the African America experience.

African American Heritage Store

Celebrate the history, influence, and accomplishments of the African American community through our carefully selected products.

Myles & Ayesha - Black Inventors Match Game

Published by Uplift, a 501c3 nonprofit organization, the Myles & Ayesha Black Inventors Match Game is the first app in the Apple Store that specifically targets kids (of all ages) in teaching a portion of Black History. It celebrates Black inventors and problem-solvers and is the first app in the Myles & Ayesha game-based and learning series.

Circuit Math

CIRCUIT MATH is a math puzzle that will challenge you the moment you begin to play! You can choose from 6 addition levels and 6 subtraction levels with each level offering endless combinations of numbers so no two levels are alike.

Khan Academy

A website that supplies free online micro lectures via video tutorials stored on YouTube teaching mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, economics and computer science.

Parents' Choice

Parents' Choice reviews books, toys, music, television, software, videogames, websites, and magazines for children and families of all backgrounds.

Children's Technology Review

Children's Technology Review provides reviews on the latest children's interactive media.

Coretta Scott King Award Winners

Books by outstanding African American authors and illustrators that focus on the African American experience for youth audiences.

Sweet Blackberry

The mission of Sweet Blackberry is to bring little known stories of African American achievement to children everywhere.

Black College Football Experience

Black College Football Experience (BCFx) is a sports video game centered around the unique culture of black college football. BCFx was created by Nerjyzed Entertainment, Inc., of Baton Rouge, LA. It features nearly 40 Historically Black Colleges & University (HBCU) football teams, bands, interactive halftime shows, stadiums, play-by-play commentary, and ten Classic games.

The HistoryMakers

The HistoryMakers is the single largest archival collection of its kind in the world designed to promote and celebrate the successes and to document movements, events and organizations that are important to the African American community and to American society.

Quackenworth Publishing

Quackenworth is an educational media company that specializes in publishing children's books, software, and online educational materials. The company also provides professional development and consulting services to K-12 schools.

African Ancestry.com

African Ancestry is the world leader in tracing maternal and paternal lineages of African descent. With the industry’s largest and most comprehensive database of over 25,000 indigenous African samples, African Ancestry determines specific countries, and more often than not, specific ethnic groups of origin with the highest level of detail, accuracy and confidence.

Kid Positive

In a dramatic escape from 14th Century Timbuktu, Princess Nia and her furry companion, Funzi, blast off in a mysterious timeship to keep their nemesis, Komo the wizard, from stealing the precious Imhotep medallion, which Nia has vowed to protect.

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