One Page Flyer

Given that diverse communities spend a lot of time with media, but the amount of media specifically created for them is relatively small, the Center for Digital Media Innovation and Diversity (CDMID) was established in 2009 to be a resource for research, design, and dissemination of digital media for diverse populations.

The goals of the Center are to leverage the expertise of scholars and industry professionals from across the country to conduct research, design digital media products, and provide access to quality educational media products for diverse audiences. The goals of the Center will be achieved by:

  1. Creating opportunities for educational outreach, research and development of innovative educational media products between faculty, students, artists, entrepreneurs, grassroots and non-profit organizations, among others, and
  2. Providing access to quality educational media products that target children of color economically challenged, first generation college students, and other diverse or traditionally underserved populations in K-12, higher education, and non-formal learning environments.